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Spotted in The Cornishman Thursday, March 24, 2011:


IT HAS taken Aimee Middlemiss five years to get her hands dirty but finally all the hard work has paid off. Aimee Middlemiss chairman of Hayle allotments busy getting ready for bumper

She is one of 40 people who have been allocated town council-owned plots of land in Lethlean Lane where she is now growing her own fruit, vegetables, berries and flowers.

"There's a difference between a quiche bought from a shop and one of my own so the same principle applies here. I'd rather grow my own vegetables than buy them from a shop," she said.

Aimee and a group of like-minded people first approached the town council five years ago. But due to a series of hurdles it took a long time to realise their dream.

Following the official opening of the allotments earlier this month Aimee was quick getting into the gardening business.

She has already planted blackberry, strawberry, rhubarb and gooseberry bushes as well as onions, potatoes and carrots.

"It just ticks all the boxes and makes sense. I want to be active and do something outdoors. Also everything I grow is fresh and healthy and my children will learn about where food comes from.

"It is quite an effort but for me it is relaxing being outside and doing something."

Aimee Middlemiss, chairman of the allotment society, gets ready for a bumper crop.  PZPM20110317B-002_C Aimee Middlemiss, chairman of the allotment society, gets ready for a bumper crop. PZPM20110317B-002_C

Aimee says having an allotment is a social activity and the members of the allotment society have already held tea and cake parties, swapped seeds and are planning barbecues for the summer.

She has also teamed up with her allotment neighbour to build a garden trellis and a fence around the two plots to protect them from unwanted visitors such as rabbits.

"We will be planting flowers around the trellis so it will look really pretty and welcoming soon," she said.

The allotment society is holding a meeting at Phillack church hall tomorrow, March 25, at 7.30pm when they will be electing committee members and bulk ordering seeds.

Cakes will also be on offer and Aimee is encouraging as many allotment society members and other interested parties to come along.

She would also like to extend her thanks to for their help in realising the project.