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Hello all

Some dates for your diaries:

Carole will be kindly hosting a SEED SWOP on Thursday 17th November, details to follow. Don't order seeds before that as several people have very large quantities to exchange!

On 18th November Aimee will be sending off the potato order to Dobies - still waiting for order forms to arrive but will let you know when.  

Next year's Rose and Cabbage Show will be on 21st July and there will be a plant sale on 19th May for which any donations of extra plants will be very welcome.

Update on other matters:

The Lethlean Lane site gate has been left open overnight a few times. Could everyone please make sure they CLOSE THE GATE if they are the last car out, at any time of day? Please don't assume that someone else will come along later, because there is no point in the gates if they are just open.

Ellie informs me there is a problem with locking the main allotment gate which she is investigating - namely that the lease from the Glebe specifies open access to the site. To be continued.

The Council's Amenities committee visited to site to inspect access and paths etc - they will be deciding about gating and fencing shortly.

The Council are monitoring the site to check that the lease conditions about keeping the plots in "good state of cultivation and fertility" (clause 1) are being kept to. There is some leeway over the winter, but please bear in mind that there is still a waiting list so we have been warned about the need to keep the plots used and maintained.

Ellie asks that we do not dump manure and compost on the roadways without putting down a tarpaulin or other protection first.

There is a good chance that further land may be obtained by the Council to expand the site and provide for at least some of the people on the waiting list by using the lower part of the field. 



Hayle Allotment Society


Date:   20th October 2011

Time: 19:30

Venue: Aimee’s Cottage

Present:  Aimee, Simon, Nigel, Carole, Wendy, Melvyn

Apologies:  Dick, Alan and Pat, Sue and Howard, Andrew

Financial:  no change - £70 on bloom used on strimmer (see note on strimmer) £541 in bank including  £250 from Cornwall Council for wild flower patch.

1.       Minutes of last meeting:

1)      Rose and Cabbage

Venue has been booked for 21st/22nd July 2012, this will be the 40th show, it is planned for the end of term,  there is a need for a shed on site to store notice boards and other materials for the show. Someone will have to meet with Sarah to discuss what is happening next year.

2)      Hayle council meeting – Howard attended on going


3)      Representation on Hayle Forum – Howard not present on going



4)    Communal push mower/strimmer –

It has not been possible to return the strimmer; Aimee will look into purchasing an 18v battery next year which should be up to the job of doing the paths

It is planned to trim all the grass paths possible on the weekend 5/6th November, Simon will provide a petrol lawn mower, Nigel and Carol have battery/Petrol strimmers, anyone else who can assist please contact Aimee.


5)    Hayle Council Grant application – Aimee is in the progress of applying for a lottery grant to obtain a  poly tunnel for £600 , she intends to send off this weekend  and will investigate to see if the supplier can erect, if grant is not approved there are several other sources to investigate.


6)    Gate suitable post to fasten gate open – done, we are still waiting for the combination lock for the gate, it was also agreed by all present that when the last person leaves the site are to shut the gate, even though this maybe during the day, this ensures the gate is closed over night.


7)    Burial site – Nigel has kindly offered to weed kill the large thistle patch on the future burial site and to give the area a light rotivating. His petrol costs will be met from current funds



8)    Concealed gate sign – Aimee emailed Cornwall County Council who said there should be no need as it would have been assessed during planning, however Aimee will check with Ell.


2.       Matters arising:


1)      to vote on adopting the constitution  - Progress of constitution to be published by Aimee


3.       A.O.B.

Aimee informed members present there is a meeting due within the Council to discuss the gates/blocking of paths, which mainly concern the plots on the left as entering the site as it is being investigated to open the bottom area for further plots, there is a possibility the existing grass paths will be extend to the bottom of the site.

There is an issue with the gates not being closed at night – Aimee will ask all members to close the gates if they are last car out, no matter what the time of day. Simon will do laminated signs requesting this for the noticeboards.


4.       Date of next meeting:


17th November seed swap at Carole’s; potato order  to go to Dobie’s on 18th so get your orders in to Aimee – waiting for order forms at present


Thank you to Nigel for providing some handsome beetroot wine