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Happy New Year 

The whole team at Delfland would like to wish you happy new year; we are currently working on plants for 2016. All the varieties have been reviewed and we are in the process of updating the website and that will go live soon.

You don't have to wait to order spring garlic and seed potatoes as these are available to order now.

Spring Garlic

We have a single variety this spring, available as single bulbs or in a box (500g).

Flavor (Allium sativum)
Spring planting. Softneck.
An Italian pink type that matures in late July. The white-skinned bulbs of garlic 'Flavor' each contain 9 to 16 pretty pink cloves that will store for a long time once ripened.

Seed potatoes 

All our potatoes are in 1kg nets, so you can ‘Pick & Mix’ several varieties; 1kg is about 13 tubers - enough for about 4 square metres (5 square yards).
Top five best sellers

  1. Sarpo Mira
  2. Charlotte
  3. Colleen
  4. Orla
  5. Axona

Multi-buy savings ~ buy more than one net of the same variety or across our range and save on each net. Potato delivery is based on weight, and it is calculated automatically as you add the nets to your basket. The banding is as follows: 1.0kg ~ £5.00; 2 - 3kg ~ £7.00; 3.5 - 18kg ~ £8.00.

We suggest that you buy with some friends to take advantage of the discount.

Blight-tolerant seed potatoes

By special arrangement with Sarpo Potatoes Ltd. we are able to offer a range of late blight-tolerant seed potatoes.  These varieties are the product of traditional breeding techniques, not GM. Please note that only Sárpo Mira is available as organic seed potatoes. These blight-tolerant potatoes are very easy to grow, with dense foliage that smothers weeds; they also store without sprouting.


Variety Maturity Colour Description
Blue Danube
[not available as organic]
early maincrop blue skin and white flesh Outstanding roast potato; also good for mash and chips. Unusual blue-violet tubers; striking plant with dark foliage and purple flowers – ideal for ornamental kitchen gardens
Suitable for containers
High overall disease tolerance
[not available
as organic]
early maincrop white skin and cream flesh Great new-potato flavour all summer long
Ideal for raised beds and containers
High yielding; can be stored until spring.
Good all round disease tolerance
[not available as organic]
maincrop red skin and cream flesh Versatile variety: bake, chip, mash, roast
Superb potato taste
Large and regular tubers
Weed-suppressing foliage with pink flowers
Just keeps growing; yields can be huge
Extremely tolerant of blight and other diseases
Sárpo Mira
maincrop red skin and white flesh Good all-rounder: bake, chip, mash, roast
Suitable for harsh conditions
Drought tolerant and very high-yielding
Tall, weed smothering foliage with the highest blight resistance
Perfect for gardens with more space

Available to order now ~ order Sárpo varieties  Delivery from mid-February onwards to give time for chitting.

Sárpo Mira
Blue Danube
Sárpo Kifli

Heritage seed potatoes

Please note that only Arran Victory and British Queen are available as organic seed potatoes.

Highland Burgundy and Salad Blue keep their colour after cooking, so you can have pink and blue mash, chips or surprise jacket potatoes.

Red Duke of York 
[not available as organic]

First Early – Large oval red tubers

Red skins and creamy white flesh are produced from a fast growing plant. Useful for colour in cooking when the skins are left on – the flesh itself has beautiful flavour when mashed with ample amounts of butter.
British Queen Organic
Second Early

An oval white-skinned and white fleshed-potato is produced from this small grower favourite. Popular for its versatility in the kitchen – another potato which needs gentle simmering to produce excellent mash, and a great roaster.
Salad Blue
[not available as organic]

Maincrop – Blue through and through

Blue skins and blue flesh make this a very popular novelty potato. But there is more to the 1900s crop: a gentle flavour and good texture make this floury potato popular with chefs who know to avoid boiling and enjoy it fried or roasted.
Highland Burgundy Red 
[not available as organic]

Named after the Duke of Burgundy, who was served this potato at the Savoy, this is a red-skinned potato which has burgundy-coloured flesh apart from a narrow white band just under the skin. 

This variety has a high dry-matter content, which produces a fluffy texture when cooked. Most of the colour remains after cooking, particularly if they are steamed or fried; makes good novelty crisps, chips and mash.

Shetland Black
[not available as organic]

Netted dark blue skin and yellow flesh. 

Around since at least the early 1920s; medium to long oval tubers and dark skin make for interesting cooking opportunities. Flavour is good and the potatoes are easily baked, crisped, chipped and roasted.

Arran Victory Organic 
Late Maincrop

Well respected older variety named on the Isle of Arran after the first World War, this round to oval tuber has consistently been popular with growers due to high yields and long seasons. Distinct blue/purple skin covers white flesh. As featured on The Great British Food Revival - makes great mashed potatoes and roasts well. Andrew Skea, our seed potato supplier, says it is his favourite (and he grows dozens of varieties).

Pink Fir Apple 
[not available as organic]
Late Maincrop – stores well

Very knobbly pink-skinned long tubers, yellow flesh; waxy firm texture so good in salads; delicious flavour hot or cold.


Trial varieties available in 2016

We have three trial varieties this year; stock is limited and we haven't yet confirmed how many will be available to us and their price. If you are interested in trying any of these please email us and we can put you on a waiting list:
(trial varieties interest).

Ama Rosa and Terra Rosa are mid season specialty potatoes with red skin and red flesh. Tubers are ideal for microwaving, frying or baking. Chips made from them retain their rosy color and resist fading. 

The third variety is Karali, all will be supplied in 1kg bags, all will be conventional, we are waiting more information. 

Other varieties available from Delfland:

Variety Description Suitable for
First-early variety bred from ‘Picasso’; smooth-skinned white potato with cream flesh. Boiling, chipping
First-early; white tuber with a good early yield but holds well and gets bigger. Good all-rounder
Maris Bard 
A cream skinned and white fleshed oval tuber. Produces a medium waxy potato which holds its shape making it good for boiling and chipping, and a delight in salads. A fast growing and high yielding crop can be expected; good resistance to drought and virus; good for forcing under glass. Boiling, chips and salads
Second-early waxy salad potato with yellow flesh; high-yielding with good tuber blight resistance. Boiling, salads
Early maincrop ~ Pink skin and white flesh, high yielding with good taste, it holds its shape very well.
I personally feel these potatoes have a great flavour
Boiling, mashing and wedges
Early maincrop general purpose variety; high yields of oval, cream tubers with cream flesh; very popular with commercial organic growers. Everything except salads
Maincrop (Red); Large oval tubers which bulk up early combined with high yields make this a small growers favourite. Reasonable resistance to viruses and blight too. In the kitchen cooks love them – pink skinned with firm yellow flesh they are one of the most versatile potatoes in the pantry. Everything except salads
Sarpo Mira 
Maincrop (Red); Sarpo Mira is suitable for harsh conditions, drought tolerant and very high-yielding. Tall, weed smothering foliage with the highest blight resistance, perfect for gardens with more space Good all-rounder: bake, chip, mash, roast
Maincrop; Cara is a good potato for weed control due to its vigorous growth habit; high yielding; mild-flavoured creamy flesh. Baking and roasting

To order follow this link ~ seed potatoes

Harvesting information

Variety Planting Time  
  March April May Approx. days to maturity  
First Early Potatoes
Casablanca, Colleen, Maris Bard, Red Duke of York       90  

Second Early Potatoes
British Queen, Charlotte       110  

Early Maincrop Potatoes
Blue Danube, Orla, EM10       135  

Maincrop Potatoes
Cara, Highland Burgundy Red, Salad Blue, Axona, Sárpo Mira, Shetland Black, Desiree, Sárpo Kifli       150  

Late Maincrop Potatoes
Arran Victory, Pink Fir Apple       160  
Any questions, do give us a call or email us.

Whatever you decide to plant this year, we hope you have a great harvest.

Kind regards Jill
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