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Good Morning,


We are looking at placing a Bee Hive at the top of the site by the trees near where Denzil tends to sit. I have talked to the closest plot who have no objections. This would benefit everyone. If I receive no objections we will go ahead with it. As you most likely know as long as you dont harass the bees they wont harass you.



Bees coming Monday....?

Nick came by last night to look at the position for the bees... he was very happy.

He did say that having been moved, the bees will be a bit all over the place, so he decided Monday when less people are working their plots - and perhaps it's a little cooler - would be better to bring the bees...

Simon's been leading on this

Simon's been leading on this and as he said in his original post he's talked to the closest plots and I think he also said either in his blog or when I saw him that he's spoken to Denzil too...


I'm not quite sure whether we get any of the honey as rent that would be good! :)

Brilliant news - welcome bees ;)

That's great news. Thanks for organising this Simon!

I'm sure they'll be fine too if we just give them some time to get used to us - and perhaps make a special effort to make sure it's easy for them to find some water while this very hot spell continues?