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Report from Hayle Rose and Cabbage - special congratulations to Jane Siddorn and Tina Wood for winning Best Kept Allotments


The 39th Annual Show on 23rd July at Hayle Day Care Centre. This year the Club was delighted to have the assistance of some of the members of Hayle Allotment Society. Their help was greatly appreciated, as there is quite of lot of effort involved in setting up the venue on the previous Friday evening. There is a small window of opportunity between the clients of the Day Care Centre leaving at 4 o’clock and the first exhibitors arriving at 7.00pm with their (hopefully) prizewinning entries. After our trial run at the new venue last year, i.e. the Day Care Centre instead of the huge marquee on the Recreation Ground, we realised that this year it would be possible to re-instate the Home Produce and Handicrafts sections, and we had some very good entries. We would like to thank Hayle Methodist Church and Angarrack Community Centre for the loan of their tables. As anyone who is involved with putting on an exhibition will tell you, this is the main concern - enough tables!

There were some stunning vegetables, lovely flowers and pot plants, Floral Art, handicrafts, home produce, and a photography section. We also judged gardens in Hayle and this year we included Public Houses Our thanks to Jane Mills who ran the café, and Dave Raymer who willingly turned up to lock up the Centre, to open it and close it on the Saturday and again on the Sunday.

And thanks to all our competitors and our visitors. We hope you enjoyed the Show.

Sarah Turk, Show Secretary

List of winners

Male exhibitor with highest number of overall points Colin Phillips

Female exhibitor with highest number overall of points Loretta Ruse

Hayle resident with highest number of overall points Colin Phillips

Most Firsts Colin Phillips

Most Firsts in Vegetable Section Colin Phillips

Best exhibit in Vegetable section Colin Phillips

Best Exhibit in Class 34 Geoff Curnow

Best Exhibit in Class 35 Geoff Curnow

Most points in Fruit Section T Pryor

Best sweet pear -1 colour Tom Christophers

Best sweet peas - 3 colours Mike Reffold

Best 1 spike gladioli Tish Roberts

Best 3 spikes gladioli N. Pryor

Most points in cut flowers Loretta Ruse

Best exhibit in Dahlia classes Tom Christophers

Most points in Dahlia classes Tom Christophers

Best exhibit Hybrid Tea Rose Tom Christophers

Best exhibit Floribunda Rose Ken Quick

Best bowl of Roses Ken Quick

Best regal Pelargonium R & G Horwell

Best Fuchsia Mel George

Best pot plant Loretta Ruse

Best hanging Fuchsia basket R. Paxton

Best hanging basket Lyn Reffold

Most points in pot plant section R & G Horwell

Most points in Floral Art Linda Greenwood

Best exhibit in Floral Art Linda Greenwood

W.I. Member with most points Barbara Richards

Best exhibit in Home Produce Virginia Quick

Most points in Home Produce Virginia Quick

Best exhibit in Handicrafts Norman Breakey

Most points in Handicrafts Loretta Ruse

Best Kept Allotments Jane Siddorn and Tina Wood

Best Public House Royal Standard

Best containers/planters Lyn Reffold

Best courtyard/patio Lyn Reffold

Best garden under 75sq yards Caroline Hollinshead

Best garden over 75sq yds Richard & Sally Dungey

Best water feature Tish Roberts

Best school garden Gwinear County Primary School

Best school containers Gwinear County Primary School

Best Trade garden Marie Thérèse House

Best exhibit all classes photography Ivor Barnes

Best exhibit novice classes Steve Shrub

Most points in open classes Ivor Barnes

Most points in open classes Steve Shrub

Best exhibit in black & white Steve Shrub