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Well done to Aimee and all involved with the Allotment Society stall on Sunday. Gather we sold all donated produce and plants and made a tidy sum for the Society coffers. Here's a pic:- 


     HSA stall at Memorial Walk Day 26-6-11


Allotment Stall

Thank you to so many people for the success of the stall at the Hayle in Bloom celebration! We made over £70 (which paid for the strimmer!) and all your lovely produce was sold to the happy people of Hayle...Raised our profile too - lots of people came for a chat.

Joanna, Sue and Alan manned the stall and donated lots of produce, and Julia, Victor, Ida and Miranda were able assistants

Nigel, Simon C, Carol and Russell, Denzil, Hilary and Carole M donated plants and other allotment produce

Tina and Jane spent hours washing and bagging up leaves

All your help is much appreciated - and thanks to Tina for the idea of doing it in the first place...