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Hi, been having problems last few days with birds eating the cabbage,more time this weekend building cages to cover them in. what next fence gone up to keep the rabbits out cage to keep the birds out any ideas about when the slugs start to eat everything!

is there any way that we can upload any pictures on this site!



Was it pigeons?  I had one cabbage plant at home - an old variety which apparently used to be grown on the cliffs, and the pigeons nearly finished it off! It was about five inches high.  Put a net over it and it's now three feet tall!


You should be able to put pictures in your blogs posts and comments etc using the Insert/edit image icon (which I walways thinks looks like a little tree!) should be about the middle of the icons at the bottom between the anchor and the paint brush (if you can't see it make sure you've selected enable rich text first).


Or are you thinking more in terms of a picture gallery?  We can have one, we just don't at the moment but if you'd like one I can enable it for you.