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A versatile herb to grow as it has many uses in the kitchen. Parsley is a biennial herb; flowering and developing seeds in its second year.

Curled leaf parsley, which is often used as a garnish, or flat leafed parsley which has a milder taste.

You can grow parsley from plants bought at a garden centre or sow seeds indoors to be planted out or sow seeds direct into a bed. Parsley grows well in containers too, either indoors or outdoors.

You can harvest your parsley by removing the outer stalks to ground level and not the leaves from the top of the plant, as this will reduce your yield. Do not remove all of the leaves from the plant as this will result in checking plant growth.

You can freeze fresh parsley for up to one year.  Chop up finely and add with water to a ice cube tray and freeze. These herb ice cubes are ideal to drop into your sauces and dishes as required.