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Allium cepa Aggregatum Group

These are multiplier onions with a distinctive flavour both fresh and pickled.  They are easy to row, from seed (sown like ordinary onions to produce a single solid bulb) and also as sets, each of which splits into several new ones.

Shallots are small, golden-brown members of the onion family. They have a finer flavour than most other onions and the main bulb may be made up of several smaller ones. Pink shallots have a stronger flavour than brown shallots and are popular in French cuisine. Grey shallots are similar to pink shallots but have a very fine, mild flavour, so can be eaten raw as well as in cooked dishes. Banana shallots are the largest variety and have a long, torpedo shape and mild flavour. Red Thai shallots are widely used in Thai and South-East Asian cooking.