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Rob Smith, the globe trotting gardener and Winner of BBC2's 'Big Allotment Challenge' is proud to team up with Dobies to bring you a taste of the past this autumn.

Rob's 'Heritage Vegetables' range may be a blast from the past but this doesn't mean it's not suitable for home gardeners and budding Michelin star chefs today!

What Dobies says......


Rob's mission is to inspire even the most total novice to pick up a spade and try something different in the garden. His aim is to get people to start growing these 'tried and tested' heritage varieties that our grandparents used to love.  Rob's passion to stop some of these fantastic older varieties from going extinct has been echoed and taken on board by Dobies.  Together we have produced a range that will get you interested in older vegetables, and may even get you hooked on saving them for future generations to enjoy.


Don't forget, all my heritage vegetables will produce good quality seed, so save some to grow next year.