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To consider the points raised at the informal allotment meeting held on 22nd September 2014 and agree the way forward. Cllr Rowe proposed the following be approved: -

  1. membership to the National Allotment Society
  2. insurance cover with Shield for the allotments to include cover for fires
  3. splitting the costs of the two items above between the allotment holders and adding it to their annual allotment fee
  4. that fires should not be lit outside of plots and that they should only be lit in an incinerator bin
  5. to split large plots when they become available where appropriate
  6. To update and approve the draft Allotment Fire Policy with any actions related above
  7. To update and approve the allotment tenancy agreement to reflect the items above
  8. To hold an informal meeting with the allotment tenants 30 minutes before one of our September meetings and to move the allotment award ceremony to that informal meeting

Cllr Roberts seconded with all in favour. The proposal was RESOLVED