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To Allotment Society Members

Please wear protective gear such as heavy footwear and helmets and eye protection (we can supply safety glasses). Use of the strimmers is at members’ own risk. Call Aimee (#11) on 757667 to book and get hold of the strimmers. 


THE BABY BEAST - Lightweight Rechargeable Battery Strimmer

Short running, lightweight rechargeable battery strimmer. For small areas. Available to use free, charge it yourself at home.




THE BEAST - Heavy Duty Petrol Strimmer

The petrol strimmer costs a minimum £1 donation from members towards petrol and oil. This may need to be reviewed if we don’t cover the costs. If you end up using a lot of petrol please consider making a larger donation.  

Matt (#11, tel 757667) is available to show you how to use the petrol strimmer. The petrol strimmer is heavy and you may need some physical strength to manage it.