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Hello all 


It's time for the AGM and election of officers. We also need to discuss and vote on a few things in relation to the Council's new contract - eg: allowing bees on site.  Please come along to the AGM in the Old Vestry at Phillack Church (small building to the right of the church) at 7 pm on Thursday 4th April. 


We will be planning a drink at the Bucket of Blood afterwards.


Please contact Aimee with agenda items and anything you are concerned about in the new contract (see below).



The clause about banning dogs and the one about needing permission for bushes and shrubs have been removed after discussion.


Still to be clarified#222222">:

#222222; font-size: medium;">Does this mean we have to get permission for sheds and fences already erected or are they ok? Not everyone received written permission, some just got verbal permission.

#222222;"> #222222;">Does 6H refer to fences the tenants have erected or ones the Council has erected?

#222222; font-family: arial; font-size: small;">Would it not be more reasonable to say for 6L that tenants should take reasonable care and attention to ensure noone is injured on their plot? How can we ensure people will not be injured if they are on our plots without permission?
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#222222; font-family: arial; font-size: small;">Clause 7 - this appears to mean the Council can impose any rules at any time without consultation? This is unreasonable. The Council has been adding in additional rules and changing the goal posts for the entire life of the allotments, to the confusion of plotholders. 
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#222222; font-family: arial; font-size: small;">Clause 9 - Do we have a continuing tenancy or not and how can the Council ask us to sign new contracts every year if we are on allotment plots?