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The Real Seed Catalogue - vegetable seeds that germinate quickly and grow well.

Seed You Can Trust

We've been producing seed for thirteen years now, and we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent seed quality. We only send out really good seed; we are gardeners too and we know the frustration that poor seed could cause. We are registered with DEFRA: all our seed is grown, dried and stored professionally, and gets fantastic feedback from people.

Our Seed Collection

go online & reload to see pictureWe’re a bit different from other places you might get seed from. We also grow all these veg for our own family use, so if it's in our catalogue, we know well how it grows, and how it tastes. We don't like things that are fiddly or difficult to grow, so we just don't offer them.

Over the years we have tried thousands of varieties and collected together what we think are the very best vegetables in existence for the home gardener - both valuable heirlooms and really good modern strains.

You'll find no hybrids or genetically modified seed here - just varieties that do really well and taste great when grown by hand on a garden scale.

Seed You Can Save Yourself

One of the main aims of the company - written into its deeds - is to educate and encourage home seed saving. All our varieties are real, open-pollinated seed (non-hybrid), so you can save your own seed for the future, using instructions we supply. We have written freely-copyable seed-saving guides, and we sell a more detailed seed-saving book at a subsidised price. There’s really no need to buy new seed every year - you can just save your own.

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